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Hernia Surgery

More than one million people in the United States need hernia surgery to repair painful, bulging hernias. At Southwest Surgical Associates, the skilled surgeons offer minimally invasive hernia surgery using advanced technologies like the da Vinci® robotic surgery system. The providers can repair all types of hernias, including inguinal hernias and hiatal hernias, using synthetic or biologic mesh to lower your risk for additional hernias and other complications. Call the office in Cypress, Katy, Sugar Land, Houston, or Pearland, Texas, today to schedule a hernia surgery consultation or book an appointment online.

What is hernia surgery?

Hernia surgery is a procedure to repair weak spots in your abdominal wall. These spots allow your intestines or other nearby organs to push through and protrude from the muscle, a condition known as a hernia.

The most common type of hernia is an inguinal hernia, which occurs in your lower groin and causes your intestines to protrude through the inguinal canals in your lower abdominal wall.

Other types of hernias that may require surgery include:

  • Hiatal hernia (diaphragm)
  • Femoral hernia (upper thigh)
  • Epigastric hernia (above the belly button)
  • Incisional hernia (abdominal weakness after surgery)

You might have a hernia if you notice a lump or bulge in your abdomen or groin. Other hernia symptoms can include pain when standing, lying down, or lifting heavy objects.

If you have a hiatal hernia, you might not experience pain or a noticeable bulge but may have recurrent heartburn or acid reflux.

When do I need surgery for a hernia?

In some cases, you may be able to treat a hiatal hernia with medications to neutralize stomach acids or reduce acid production. However, the Southwest Surgical Associates providers may recommend surgery for a hiatal hernia if medications aren’t enough to prevent your symptoms.

Other types of hernias typically require surgical repair. The providers offer hernia evaluations in-office to determine if you’re a candidate for surgery.

If you notice a hernia bulge that suddenly increases in size, severe pain in the area, or fever, seek immediate medical attention. These symptoms can indicate that your hernia is strangulated, and blood isn’t flowing through the tissues.

A strangulated hernia may be a life-threatening situation that requires emergency surgery.

What can I expect during hernia surgery?

Southwest Surgical Associates offers minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery for hernia repair. Minimally invasive surgery requires fewer and smaller incisions to access and repair the hernia so that you can heal faster. The providers can also use open surgery techniques if necessary, which requires longer, deeper incisions.

The surgeons can also use the da Vinci robotic surgery system for hernia surgery. Using this technology, the surgeons control specialized robotic arms from a computer console. The arms hold surgical instruments that the surgeons can maneuver with heightened precision.

During hernia surgery, the providers focus on positioning protruding organs into their original location and strengthening the weak areas of your abdominal wall with mesh. The surgeons offer both synthetic mesh and biologic mesh options for surgery. 

Synthetic mesh is made of absorbable plastic materials and can repair any type of hernia. Biologic mesh uses human or animal tissue and is most beneficial in treating infected or strangulated hernias.

Schedule a hernia surgery consultation online or call the Southwest Surgical Associates office near you today.


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